Sahil Gandhi

Software Engineer | Motorcyclist | Film and T.V. Show Evangelist

B.S. UCLA CSE '15-'19 | M.S. UCLA CS '20

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Throughout my highschool and collegiate career, I've committed to applying myself beyond the classroom. This includes personal projects to try out new technologies, internship opportunities during the summers, research for 1.5 years and numerous extra curricular organizations that I participated in and led. For a more detailed description of many of these items, you may check out my LinkedIn, my Github, or my resume.


Microsoft SWE Intern '19

Facebook SWE Intern '18

Viasat SWE Intern '17

Reltio SWE Intern '16

IntelliVision SWE and PM Intern '14

SmartMonitor SWE and PM Intern '14

Personal Projects

  1. Stock-Trader: An automated stock trading bot integrated with Alpaca with custom strategies (work in progress).
  2. Prequel Error Codes: A Chrome extension that turns HTTP error codes from various sites into fun Star Wars prequel memes instead. Available on the Chrome Store.
  3. Micromouse: An automatic maze solving robot designed from the ground up (components, PCB, soldering, and more) and programmed in C/C++. Placed 1st at CAMM and UCR Regionals and 2nd at AAMC two years in a row.
  4. Trivia-Bot: An automated python bot to help out with trivia games like HQ, Beat the Q, and more
  5. Free Throw Classifier: A classifier for good versus bad free throws using multiple Hexiwears mounted on a participant's arm and a Raspberry Pi central server. A brief presentation and an accuracy analysis are here.
  6. Bruin Dining API: A backend API to scrape UCLA dining hall data for 3rd party developers to use in their apps. A GUI is also available to scrape the menus.
  7. C.A.R.M.: Communicating Across Random Masses is a Chrome extension that allows users on any website chat with each other anonymously and immediately. Available on the Chrome Store.
  8. A smarter (yet simpler and not bloated) alarm system that optimizes a user's sleep for their REM cycles. Available on the Playstore.

Research and Publications

Conference Publications

I researched under Dr. Zaniolo at the UCLA Scalable Analytics Institute (SCAI) for 1.5 years between January 2018 and June 2019. I primarily worked with PhD student Ariyam Das on several projects ranging from using Datalog to query data streams efficiently, creating a more accurate version of the Hoeffding Anytime Tree that used bagging and bootstrapping to increase performance, an NLP parser for Datalog, and more!

[1] Ariyam Das, Jin Wang, Sahil M. Gandhi: Learn Smart with Less - Building Better Online Decision Trees with Fewer Training Examples. IJCAI 2019 (Paper)

[2] Ariyam Das, Sahil M. Gandhi, Carlo Zaniolo: ASTRO - A Datalog System for Advanced Stream Reasoning. CIKM 2018: 1863-1866 (Paper)


I've also had the opportunity to conduct some independent research throughout graduate school and have written several white papers on these topics.

[1] Sahil M. Gandhi: Xldb - Execution Log DataBase (Paper)

[2] Sahil M. Gandhi, Max Wang, Daniel Achee: IoTShark - Monitoring and Analyzing IOT Traffic (Paper)

[3] Sahl M. Gandhi, Kaushik Mahorker, Wenlong Xiong: SIKE: An Analysis of Serializing Interfaces in Kafka Experiments (Paper)

[4] Sahil M. Gandhi, Matthew Wong: PKEG - Parallel Kernel Execution on GPUs (Paper)

Clubs and Extracurricular Activities

UCLA IEEE | Member '15-'19 | OPS Lead '16-'17 | Workshops Manager '17-'18 | PM '18-'19

UCLA HKN | Member '17-'19 | Membership Chair '17-'18

UCLA TBP | Member '17-'19 | Club Liason '17-'18

UCLA UPE | Member '16-'19

UCLA Supermileage Vehicle (EV) | Member '15-'17 | Software Co-Lead '16-'17

Monta Vista DECA | Member '11-'15 | Entrepreneurship Lead '13-'14

Monta Vista Hacks | Co-founder and Director of Finance '14-'15

Monta Vista Web Dev | Member '13-'15 | Manager of Events '14-'15